Guy Slashing Stuff in the Future settles up the adventures of this otaku anti-hero who, after working for so long in a factory, discovers energy beyond any measure, equipped with an energy sword and a strong will to become the true anime hero we all deserve, he jumps out to the worst and most dangerous places of the city, prepared in this Nightcrawler Beat 'em up to SLASH, SOME, STUFF (In the future).


  • W A S D (Azerty enabled as well) To move.
  • J or X to charge and slash!
  • ESC or P To pause.
  • Press K or C to use your shotgun when charged!

Gamepad Friendly!

buttons explained in-game.


- Lore: Marcel Antonorsi / VeryEvilTomato

- Graphics and animations: VeryEvilTomato

- Programming: Oultrox

- Intro music by Visager - Castle Theme

- Main game music by Three Chain Links - DieHistoric

Winner of the #ArcadeGameJam, made in 1 week .

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