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Sucker Munch is a twin-stick wave based arena shooter, based on the everlasting survival of a virus against munchies. Join him in the eternal fight of this small world until you die! Made for Ludum Dare 38, influenced by games like Nuclear Throne and Tormentor X Punisher! This is our second entry, and we're proud of what we've done, we hope you have a lot of fun and action playing our game!


WASD - ZQSD to move

Space - Absorb dead enemies to mutate

Left mouse button - Fire your defense cell

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Check out web versions

Newgrounds Version - 3.8~/5, featured, got top 5th the day it was released!

Kongregate Version     - 3.6~/5,  featured.

The team

Programming - Twitter @OultroxDev

Graphics - Twitter @VeryEvilTomato

SFX - Instagram @Mafeltrer

Music - Twitter @Composmusic

Gamejam entry link



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Gamejam Edition - Win 32 bits 21 MB
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A very fun and graphically good game (I love pixel art graphics), I reached level 12 and without lying to you, the game is still hard. But that's another positive point for me. :D  I just have a little remark, I don't know if it comes from me but I didn't notice if there was a "sound" or an "animation" when you get hit by the little flying creatures that come at you, because I quickly notice that I lose life when I didn't feel I was touched.  :/ 


I did the colors, and gameplay is very smooth!

Thank you Pony! VeryEvilTomato is indeed a great artist.


I liked it a lot. Very polished and addictive. Good work!

Thank you so much Casevse!